Just Cause 2 offers 150 hours of gameplay

Following the release of a playable demo yesterday, Square Enix has told MCV that action outing Just Cause 2 will offer around six days worth of gaming and is a title that any publisher would be desperate to get in its software stable.

Just Cause 2 would compliment any publishers schedule it takes sandbox gaming and does something really fresh,” UK marketing director Jon Brooke stated.

Personally I think it’s ten times more enjoyable than anything else in the genre.

Then on top of that we’re getting reports of close to 150 hours of game in the box, that’s about 26p per hour of riotous fun. Tell me another form of entertainment that offers that sort of value?”

And when asked if the series could go on to enjoy the longevity boasted by the publisher’s other IP – which includes established brands such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest – Square Enix expressed its obvious confidence in its game.

I don’t see why not – proof is always in sales and consumer feedback though,” Brooke added. At this stage having regularly tested the game throughout its development we know we have something special.

Early global review scores are also showing high eights and nines so the quality is there and we are certainly committed to making Just Cause 2 a success.”

Just Cause 2 will be out on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on March 26th. The game’s dedicated microsite can be found here.

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