Kickstarter pulls $10m for games since March

Kickstarter has had a significant impact on the games industry in just the past several weeks alone.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun reports the crowdfunding site has brought in over $10m in guaranteed funding for game development projects since the beginning of March.

That figure includes all projects that have either concluded successfully, or are still in progress and have surpassed their goal amount (therefore guaranteeing the funds will be applied to the project.)

Still dozens, if not hundreds, more of these game devlopment pitches are in progress, attempting to secure development funding for their own passion project(s).

It’s important to note that 85 per cent of the figure comes from only five game projects, including Double Fine’s adventure game project and the sequel to Wasteland.

It’s certainly not going to up and replace publishers all together anytime soon, but those who love developing imaginative, niche, or nostalgic games with a workable budget have (now in several cases) been treated to success beyond what was thought to be even possible.

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