Grant Thorton UK LLP to help trade body establish Tax Group

Leading UK business adviser joins Tiga

Leading financial and business advisor Grant Thornton UK LLP has joined video game industry trade body Tiga, and will help in the creation of a ‘Tax Group’.

"We are delighted to join Tiga and look forward to helping members realise the full potential of their businesses," revealed Sam Vanags, head of the Grant Thornton R&D tax credit team. "The wealth of experience we have in the sector means we can offer practical hands-on help on all business issues."

Grant Thornton is hoping to help games industry companies in the tax area, helping them to maximise R&D relief on imposed levies. "This provides valuable cash to games developers and should not be overlooked. With our strong relationships with the HMRC specialist R&D units we have a track record of success," explained Vanags.

Of all the finacial company’s elements, the Grant Thornton Technology Group will be of the most use to Tiga members, thanks to it’s speciality experience providing advice to dynamic, technology-based businesses. Services provided include corporate finance, project finance, business planning, taxation and auditing.

“It is a testament to the quality of our membership and the growing impetus behind Tiga that such an experienced commercial organisation like Grant Thornton UK LLP is keen to join Tiga. The Grant Thornton Technology Group will bring first class business advice to Tiga members," said Tiga CEO Richard Wilson.

“I am also confident that Sam Vanags will make a valuable contribution to Tiga’s planned Tax Group. The Tiga Tax Group will help to develop and to improve the quality of our fiscal proposals to Government and as such constitutes an important development of our lobbying capability.”

Tiga members are invited to contact Vanags on 01865 799805 to discuss maximising their company’s R&D claim.

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