MCV relaunches with all new design and in-depth look at all the biggest platforms

This week marks a brand new beginning for MCV, as we deliver the first issue of a redesigned, resized and features-packed magazine, now coming to you every two weeks.

In this first issue, we focus on platforms. With Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo all innovating in hardware like never before, we look at where each first-party platform stands and where it wants to jump to next.

We also speak with three games publishers – Team17, Sold Out and Soedesco – about the platforms they rely on to get their products to market and take an in-depth look at Microsoft’s strategy for the Scorpio, with analysis from Actionacy and GfK, among others.

We also have a chat with developers Choice Provisions, Yacht Club Games, Image & Form, Drool, Frozenbyte, Shin’en, Sumo Digital and Zoink to find out how Nintendo’s making its most approachable digital platform yet with the Switch.

Following the release of Snake Pass, we also talk to Sumo Digital’s chairman Ian Livingstone about why Sumo deserves more recognition, why the studio won’t change its business model and the importance of IP ownership.

Elsewhere, we detail the top merchandise firms in the industry, from indie outlets to worldwide distributors.

The latest digital edition can beread herefor free

The full contents of this week’s issue are below:

  • OPINION: As we re-launch the mag, MCV founder Stuart Dinsey looks back at how the industry has evolved since the creation of MCV in 1998
  • OPINION: IGN’s Dan Kilby discusses the everlasting importance of the ‘Gamer Mate’
  • OPINION: Generation Media’s head of digital Martin Doyle talks about the recent developments at Google
  • PLATFORM GAMES: Our analysis of the top three platform holders and where they stand for 2017
  • NINDIES ON SWITCH: Developers open up about Nintendo’s new digital platforms
  • INTERVIEW: Fighting Fantasy co-founder Ian Livingstone talks about his work at Sumo Digital
  • INTERVIEW: Giving publishers a platform – Team17’s Debbie Bestwick, Sold Out’s Garry Williams and Soedesco’s Hans van Brakel discuss the ins and outs of working on a variety of different platforms
  • SCORPIO: We take a look at Microsoft’s plans for the launch of the Scorpio
  • MERCHANDISE SPECIAL: Profile and analysis of the top companies in games merchandise
  • PLUS! Chart and sales analysis, Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe headline the big games of the week, and Jake Tucker joins eSports Pro

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