MCV’s UFC Industry Fitness Challenge – The Aftermath

All good things must come to an end, and sadly this applies to our UFC fitness challenge, which officially closed on Friday, August 5th.

While smatterings of banter still pop-up on Twitter and some of our contestants are moving on to the 60-day workout, many are taking this chance to relax and look back on what they have accomplished.

Along with their After photos – look out for the first wave in this week’s issue of MCV – some of the industry’s greatest fat-fighters included their thoughts on the challenge of the past few months

Richard Boobyer, GameStation

"I think i did quite well. The hardest part was the first week where I wasn’t used to the exercise intensity. After that it was a real motivator to do more exercise. I ended up losing half a stone over the month and I felt alot more healthy and happier for doing it. I think I will definitely be continuing my attempts to achieve the ultimate fighting body – even tried it out on the dog (pictured, somewhat blurily, on the left), who tried to get in on the action too. A sleeper hold was all that was needed to make that mutt tap out. Thanks UFC Trainer!"

Darren Newnham, Tee Pee Games

"One thing for me is clear, and I will be forever grateful for the experience. Even if I don’t win the challenge, I’m already a winner. These last four weeks have super-charged and turbo-boosted my unfit ass into a fitness freak. The UFC Personal Trainer has taken me to a level of fitness that has allowed me to do several 10km cross country runs and to join a gym. I’m even getting ready for my first ever Triathlon."

Martin Gaston,

Final results are that I lost almost a stone and a half with the game – which speaks for itself, I think. I’m sure that’s not enough to win, so I’ll let the rest of the gang squabble over who gets to go to Vegas and stick with the new 60-day program I started today.”

Guy Cocker, GameSpot UK

After four weeks, the UFC Personal Trainer competition is over. I’m a little bit sad to be honest, but I can’t deny I’m also looking forward to a pint of beer and a pizza binge this weekend! However, the results have made the hard work pay off – I’ve gone down from a 34-inch waist to 31-inches, and I’ve been able to fit back into medium-sized clothing with ease. I dediced to treat myself to some new clothes on the weekend to celebrate!”

Nick Gibbs-McNeill, Pitch Black

"Overall UFC Personal Trainer does deliver as a fitness title. To keep someone like me interested for 25 days is quite something so anyone who is a little more dedicated will love this game. My wife says my tummy’s a little smaller which is amazing as I haven’t stopped drinking beer or eating the wrong foods. Also my balance is so much better that it’s ever been."

Steve Owen, Games Press

"In summary: I’ve 11 pounds lost, and I’m fitting in 34-inch trousers again for the first time in 11 years. Plus, my cholesterol has been reduced from 7.2 to 5.2 – the doctor has gone from telling me he wants to put me on drugs to saying that it’s fine now."

Ian McDougall, GAME

"Well, what a ride its been. Such a fun time and I was well chuffed I got my Epic Milestone ‘work out for 30 hours’ achievement. Im so beyond pleased and just cant wait to see what the next few months hold for me. I think it’s safe to say my goal of looking like a suave mofo will easily be achieved by my birthday – hoping I look pretty toned by then too."

Leo Tan, Capcom

"This has been one of the hardest months of my life. I realised that with no weights I wasn’t going to be able to build any kind of upper body so instead I focussed on fat loss and toning. I dropped sugar from my diet almost completely and consumed a horrific amount of protein in the form of salmon and whey shakes, and matched it with about the same amount of green veg, tomatoes and peppers.

"I ate small amounts but regularly. I always had a small tub of meat and veg on me, in case I hadn’t eaten for a few hours. I snacked on almonds voraciously. It was UNBELIEVABLY BORING, but worth the sacrifice. It’s only one month, right? Now I’m off to eat a kilo of mash potatoes and chips and chocolate and cheese and banoffee pie and caramel tarts and coxinhas and gravy and OH MY GOD I WANT SUGAR."

And what better way to end than with the last wave of those video updates that have made this contest so damn entertaining? Watch out for the special guest in ONM’s vid.

So that’s it… or is it? Be sure to look out for the first batch of Before and After photos in this week’s issue of MCV and keep your eyes open for the final results. We’ll be announcing the winners shortly after Gamescom.

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