MCV’s UFC Industry Fitness Challenge – Week Four

The finish line is in sight. Time is running out. The challenge is nearly over. What are our contestants doing to ensure they make the most of this last week?

When they’re not pre-emptively celebrating on Twitter (yes, we’re looking at you, Neil Gorton) or proudly showing off their abs” (Capcom’s Leo Tan, left), most are marvelling at the benefits of their new, healthier lifestyle.

Games Press’ Steve Owen tells us he has now taken up indoor rock climbing as a regular hobby and lost 10 pounds since the challenge began, largely thanks to exercising rather than wasting time making videos”. According to his concerned mother, his face looks a lot thinner”.

Zoo’s entertainment editor Leon Poultney adds: I’ve lost a bit of weight around the belly and definition is starting to poke through. A good diet and plenty of protein is helping, plus I’ve laid off the beer.

I’ve started adding weights to a lot of the Ab routines as I’ve read this really helps build up the muscles, defines them and makes them stand out.”

Of course, as with any fitness plan, results may vary. Entertainment Focus’ Greg Ellwood says: Considering how much more active I’ve been during the competition along with a better diet I’m a bit disappointed that my weight hasn’t dropped more. However I know I’m putting on muscle and my body is definitely changing for the better. Looking at the workouts coming up I’ve got plenty of new exercises to learn including the horrendous looking T-up.”

Meanwhile, Future Publishing’s Alistair Williams has discovered a financial benefit of participating in this challenge. The firm’s games ad director Sean Igoe bet him 10 that he wouldn’t both to run the five miles from their Marylebone office to his home in Clapham, so Williams made the following as proof:

With so many competitors doing so well, all might seem lost to any late entrants or those who have been lagging behind. But fear not! For the ultimate crunch session in fitness gaming, we present to you the Official MCV/UFC Workout.

This strenuous routine is (almost) guaranteed to lose all the weight you desire and has been compiled from the best exercises submitted by our shockingly creative contestants. Enjoy!

The legal (well, semi-legal) bit

Camera Bag Tricep Curls, created and demonstrated by GameSpot UK’s Seb Ford.

Hat Slap, from the mind of Ginx TV’s Neil Gorton and shown by his colleague Jay Blake.

Bunny Push-Ups, by Angus the rabbit.

Bin Kick, also created by Gorton and demonstrated by fellow Ginx member Laurie Blake.

Veggie War, shown in action by Angus and Dubit’s Paul Rayment.

Desk Sweep, another Gorton creation and demonstrated by Ginx TV’s Max Williams.

The Ultimate Handstand, developed via Twitter between the ever competitive Steve Hogarty from ONM and Leo Tan from Capcom.

MCV’s UFC Industry Fitness Challenge officially ends on Friday, August 5th, but stay tuned for more as we wait for the winners to be chosen.

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