‘No update’ for BioShock Vita in wake of Irrational downsizing

The fate of BioShock Vita can certainly be described as ‘uncertain’.

The game was announced in June 2011 at E3 but has been MIA ever since.

The first worrying noises began emerging in late 2012 when Ken Levine said that the SKU’s future was in the hands of business people”. In early 2013 he added that it was out of his hands”.

In August 2013 Levine said that he was still very much engaged” in the game but that he couldn’t personally greenlight the thing” himself.

Then of course earlier this week Irrational as we know it was killed, casting a shadow over the entire BioShock franchise.

Now 2K Games has told CVG that it can offer no update” regarding the game’s status.

None of which means it definitely won’t happen, of course – Take-Two retains the rights to the IP and is free to farm it out to whatever dev is so chooses. However, with BioShock Infinite falling so short of expectations it’s fair to ask what appetite remains for the franchise throughout the publisher’s corridors.

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