Nvidia bringing PS4’s Share Play to PC; includes streaming co-op

An upcoming update to Nvidia’s GeForce Experience software will bring an interesting update that apes some of the innovations seen on PS4.

GeForce Experience is available to all Nvidia graphics cards owners and already offers a number of features such as auto game tuning and, via the ShadowPlay option, gameplay recording and streaming functions.

These will be added to in September’s beta release by a new feature called GameStream Co-op. It will allow users to stream gameplay footage directly to a friends, allow said friend to take control and even invite them into co-op gameplay. And as it’s streamed, only the streamer needs a copy of the game.

Furthermore, the recipient doesn’t need a gaming PC of their own – they just need to be on a rig good enough to run Google Chrome and install Nvidia’s browser extension. It’s compatible with gamepad or keyboard and mouse.

Like PS4, sessions are limited to one hour at a time but the number of sessions itself is not limited. Nvidia recommends a 7Mb or better internet connection for both parties.

GameStream will arrive as a part of a new suite of GeForce Experience features called Share. Its other features will be familiar to ShadowPlay users. Instant Replay will record players as they game, allowing them to save and easily upload highlights to YouTube. Record, meanwhile does what it says on the tin while broadcast offers gamers an easy way to stream their gaming live online.

Here’s a video explaining some of the new additions:

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