Oculus reveals completely wireless VR headset prototype

Arguably the biggest news to come out of Oculus Connect 3 was the reveal of a new wireless VR headset prototype.

Known as Santa Cruz, the headset at first appears visually similar to the Oculus Rift, however upon closer inspection there is a clear lack of wires. Positioned on the back of the headset is some kind of small form PC, which powers the unit. This allows for high quality wireless VR, something that has really never been seen before.

The prototype uses a camera and sensors on the headset to track a user’s position and movement, allowing for full room scale VR. Those that have been hands, or face I suppose, on with the device report that walking near a wall will display a blue virtual wall in the VR space, much like the HTC Vive’s system. It also features full depth tracking and 3D movement, something that most wireless VR options, such as the Samsung Gear, are not capable of.

This means that, theoretically at least, the headset can be used in any location, although developers told Polygon that it may not work in low light.

Unfortunately no prospective release window was given, which means the tech is probably still a long way off. We did however, learn that the system requirements for the standard Oculus Rift have been lowered and that the new Touch controllers aren’t cheap.

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