TIGA points to research claiming 93% of Scottish households play games

Ofcom data â??hails games as culturally relevantâ??

A new study by UK telecom regulator Ofcom offers verifiable proof that games are culturally relevant, a trade body has said.

Ofcom’s recently published survey has found that 93 per cent of households with children in Scotland own a games console.

The research also found that, after television, playing games would be the entertainment pastime most missed if not available to households.

Now British game industry group TIGA says that the data is evidence of videogames’ cultural significance in the UK.

“Video games are embedded in Scottish culture and society in particular and the UK more generally,” said TIGA CEO Richard Wilson.

“Video games can reflect society, make cultural commentary, use narrative and can be highly artistic. Video games also interact with other forms of media, for example, inspiring film, television and music.”

Wilson also called on the new UK coalition government to set aside cash for game development tax breaks.

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