Opinion: A bigger pie, not just a bigger share

As the battle between this year’s big shooters shifts into its final phase, we can be certain it’ll be one war or another dominating the charts this Christmas – no change there.

It’s not surprising then that the industry is still painted in terms of a battle between deadly rivals. Whether it’s between the big publishers, the key platform holders, high street and online retail, or even the numerous press outlets, we’re all out to win.

My history isn’t great, admittedly, but I can’t think of an actual war where everyone won.

Amid the keen competition for greater market share the best way forward is to simply keep increasing the size of the gaming pie. As the industry grows we can all benefit: more consumers, playing more games and spending more money.

And that’s where I want MCV to come in, to help you all grow that gaming pie. This is a hugely exciting and vibrant industry, one of only a handful in the UK where we create, publish, market, distribute and retail world-class product. The UK is truly a gaming nation.

I want MCV to act as a rallying point for that industry. Whether it’s in print, online or through social media, I want it to help break down barriers of communication between the various silos. To bring us all together, stronger, and ensure that our gains are at the expense of other forms of entertainment, and not just each other’s businesses.

Not everyone has time every morning to do the rounds of the big news sites, whether you’re running a busy retailer or are at the tight end of getting product to market. While social media provides a unique curation of the day’s issues, it can also function as an echo chamber of agreeable opinion. MCV will provide a balanced take on the big events, one you can trust to explain both sides of any story.

After two straight weeks of editorial departures, I’m glad to say I’m here and here to stay. I’d like to thank Chris and Ben for leaving such a strong product and such a great team to build upon.

I’ve run out of space to say anything about me, and the new London-based team, this week. But with many years of working together ahead of us all, I reckon that can wait until the next issue.

You can reach MCV’s new editor Seth Barton at sbarton@nbmedia.com.

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