PREVIEW: Dovetail Games Fishing

Last year made the decision to change its name to Dovetail Games.

This was the result of the firm moving away from focusing purely on its Train Simulator series to branch out into new simulation markets. And its first foray into a new world is with fishing.

When we were considering the options for our second simulation we were taken aback by the size of fishing in terms of numbers of participants and sheer variety of types, equipment and locations,” said Dovetail’s executive producer Rob O’Farrell.

The most fundamental aspect of the sport, the casting mechanic, had never been replicated in detail in a game. We are making that absolutely central in our simulation.” The title was announced via a trailer last month and is on show at Gamescom this week. And the early response from fishing fans has been overwhelming, Dovetail says.


The response has been fantastic so far. We’ve had loads of people contacting us via Facebook already to say how excited they are,” Farrell says.

Two aspects in particular are coming across. The first is that they like the idea of a simulation approach that will capture the essence and detail of the sport with all the skills and details.

Secondly there is a pent up demand for a carp fishing experience that will be our starting point for the franchise. Carp fishing is particularly popular in Europe and to date fishing games have been predominantly bass or fly fishing, both of which have a different set of challenges and approaches than carp fishing.”

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