r/gaming and other Reddits taken down by protest

Reddit is in the midst of a rebellion after the mod in charge of the site’s popular AMAs was allegedly fired.

Victoria, known by the name ‘chooter’ on the site, is said to have been booted by management after an AMA (which stands for ‘Ask Me Anything’ – these are typically threads where celebrities answer fan questions) thread with US civil rights activist Jesse Jackson.

Victoria had also expressed disquiet at the recent rise in commercial AMAs, many of which were accused by users as being little more than promotional puff. Her comments history has recently been wiped, however.

r/gaming is just one of many subreddits that have been set to private in protest. This blocks access to the vast majority of users. It currently carries the following message: Due to an unexpected Reddit administrative personnel change /r/gaming joins a group of default subreddits going dark temporarily in an effort to resolve the situation. Our apologies for any disruption this may cause.”

Other locked threads include r/jokes, r/4chan, r/art, r/askreddit, r/books, r/history, r/movies, r/cooking, r/funny and r/gadgets.

Reddit was faced with a different revolt just last month after it confirmed it would take action to limit the posting of offensive messages.

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