Ralph Nader calls violent video game devs ‘electronic child molesters’

American political activist and five-time presidential candidate Ralph Nader has accused companies who work to promote violent television programs and video games of being electronic child molesters.

Speaking in an interview with Politico, Nader sounded off on Barack Obama’s plan to combat gun violence – stating that the proposals didn’t go far enough to protect families and their children from creators of violent entertainment.

One portion of the nearly two dozen parts of Obama’s $500m plan instructs the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to explore ways to prevent gun violence by studying the possible link between "video games, media images and violence."

According to Nader, that isn’t enough.

"We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment],” said Nader. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented."

Nader went on to explain that the current administration’s plan should include provisions that would alert parents to the dangers of violent media so they may "protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters."

Nader’s statements reflect the inescapable fact that violence in video games has, once again, become the center of attention in a nation still trying to pick up the pieces following the school shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.

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