Rust will start randomly assigning you gender

Having already toyed with race and penis size, Rust is about to brave yet another frontier – automatically assigning a player’s gender.

Until now the game has only offered male player models, but creator Garry Newman has said an upcoming patch the game will add a female design.

The female model is in. But not actually. We still have some stuff to work out, like making alternate clothing models for her, but if you’re an admin on a server you’ll be the female model,” he said.

To clear up some confusion, when we it does go live you won’t get a choice of whether you’re female or male. We’re not ‘taking the choice away’ from you. You never had a choice. A man’s voice coming out of a woman’s body is no more weird than an eight year-old boy’s voice coming out of a man’s body.”

The game caused a stir among portions of the playerbase in March when it started automatically choosing the race of a user’s avatar.

"Everyone now has a pseudo unique skin tone and face. Just like in real life, you are who you are – you can’t change your skin colour or your face. It’s actually tied to your Steam ID," Newman told Kotaku at the time.

"We wanted a way to recognise people beyond their names, kind of a fingerprint. We already kind of have this; players recognize each other via their voice, and that’s pretty interesting. So we wanted to push it further."

Those who found the race card a bit hard to stomach came in for a literally rude awakening last month when the game started automatically determining penis size – as well as all aspects of a player’s physical appearance – on a user’s Steam ID.

It takes the 64bit int Steam ID and uses it as a random seed which is then used to randomise a bunch of stuff about the player – dick length being one of those,” he again told Kotaku. We do this so players will be kind of recognisable in game and that their identity could be something that will follow them around.

The dick thing wasn’t really planned, it just so happens that it has a separate bone there for the censorship cube that we can scale independently.”

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