Studio set to try 'everything', says Monkey Island legend

Schafer hints at Double Fine iPhone output

Speaking to Develop, Monkey Island co-desinger Tim Schafer has suggested that Double Fine may in the future look to create iPhone titles.

More that that, said the studio’s founder, the firm is hoping to try ‘everything’.

"Some of the recent downloadable games have managed to retain their big-game production values, and I think that is really interesting," enthused Schafer when asked about the iPhone.

"Just because you want to play a short game, doesn’t mean you want to play a cheap-looking game. I think there is a big future in small, beautiful, well crafted games. I can see Double Fine making all kinds of games. Give us enough time and we’ll try everything."

Develop Conference speaker Schafer, who created Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, Psychonauts, and more recently Brütal Legend, also revealed his enthusiasm for Natal, which is now known as Kinect.

"I am usually more excited by creative ideas on the design side, and when it comes to tech like new controllers I take more of a ‘wait and see’ approach. Except I am very excited about Natal. I think if Natal is a success, it could open video games up to a whole new market. And possibly cause me to lose 30 pounds.

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