Social media death threats for Flappy Bird’s Nguyen

The gaming fandom has once again put itself to shame following its reaction to the pulling of Flappy Bird.

Creator Dong Nguyen removed the game from app stores yesterday, saying that I cannot take this anymore”. It’s not hard to see why.

As spotted by Develop, recent tweets to Nguyen include the likes of "F**k you asshole, I’ll f**king kill you if I have to. Put back Flappy Bird on the market or I’m afraid I’ll have to meet you" and "You’re a f**king pussy!!! And this game sucks anyway. But you’re still a pussy. Kill yourself."

Other tweets apparently included suicide threats and an image of a woman with a gun in her mouth.

Even more sickeningly, Huzlers has even run a hoax story with the headline Creator of ‘Flappy Bird’ Commits Suicide 7 Others Also Suicide This Morning Due To Flappy Bird”.

This isn’t the first time the subject of developers suffering online abuse has hit the headlines. Fez creator Phil Fish famously cancelled Fez II and quit the industry last year, saying this is as much as I can stomach” after enduring a prolonged period of abuse.

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