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It’s responsible for the Pacific distribution of some of the biggest brands in video games, including Koch Media and Turtle Beach. MCV speaks with QV Software’s CEO, Paul Elliot

Can you tell us a bit about QV Software?

We’re an interactive entertainment specialist, and a games and accessories distributor based in Sydney, Australia.

QVS has been operating in Australia for over 18 years, and it’s been under the current management for 13 years.

We started with no more than five employees, the company’s portfolio was heavily skewed towards productivity and lifestyle software, which was the market’s leading trend at the time.

But you have expanded beyond that sector now?

Yes after a few years of successfully carving out a niche segment of the market, we startedto expand our portfolio by bringing on gaming publishers and accessories brands into the fold. This resulted in several years of steady growth and success, transforming the company into the region’s largest distributor and home to some of the world’s leading publishers and accessories brands.

With a team of over 20 dedicated staff across all disciplines of business – sales, marketing, finance and operations, QVS is not a traditional ‘box moving distributor’. With a collective team experience across gaming, entertainment and consumer brands, the company is a fully-fledged sales, marketing and PR operation that understands all aspects of bringing a product to market, delivering results for its publishing partners and ultimately offering-consumers the ultimate gaming experience and engagement.

What do you offer customers?

We are a distribution company offering exclusive sales, marketing and distribution solutions across the Asia-Pacific region.We are extremely integrated with our partners, to them it doesn’t feel like we’re an external distributor but more as an extension of their respective teams, be it European or North American partners.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our ability to bring a product to market given our team’s extensive knowledge and experience.Our end-to-end approach makes us a one-stop-shop for our partners.

What changes have there been within the distribution market recently?

There are far fewer distribution companies in the market now. The mentality and approach has also changed with companies now far more engaged in marketing and
PR than in previous years.

Distributors are now operating on a similar thinking model as publishers in their product positioning and marketing strategies.

Tell me a bit about your sister company, Turn Left Distribution.

Turn Left – which operates completely separately to QVS – was established a few years ago to launch Disney Infinity.

Since then, we have successfully added iconic brands such as Capcom, Razer, and Thrustmaster to our portfolio.

What are the challenges facing the Pacific games market at the moment?

The main issues for the Pacific region, and in particular Australia, have been the same or similar for a number of years -classification,price parity and grey importing, which isn’t necessarily limited to gaming and affects all goods in Australia.

On classification though we’re finally making some strides in the right direction, which saw the R18 rating finally becoming a reality.

Price parity is always part of the conversation. For years, the exchange rate has meant that we in Australia have been charged a premium – this isn’t limited to games by the way – and the current currency exchange rate as is doesn’t help.Over time, as we work with our overseas partners on finding the right margin mix, hopefully the market will correct itself.

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