Square Enix CEO Matsuda on project-centric development – in the last MCV of the year

It’s the last issue of MCV of the year, and the last issue of MCV in its current form as well. From January next week NewBay will be merging MCV, Develop and Esports Pro under the MCV brand to create a single brand that will better serve the entire UK games industry. Read our Editor’s leader in this issue for more details on this exciting new direction for the brand.

In this week’s issue, we talk to Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda about the company’s exploration of project-centric development teams and an increasingly globalised market. 

We visit Rebellion on its 25th anniversary and talk to long-serving staff about the company’s core values and where it’s going next.

And we chat with Devolver’s co-founders on the company’s incredible success and unique approach to corporate communications.

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The full contents of this week’s issue are below:

  • LEADER: Why MCV is changing and how it will better serve the UK games industry
  • OPINION: The National Videogame Arcade’s Iain Simons on a lack of cultural confidence in games
  • OPINION: Glitchers’ Max Scott-Slade on nothing less than ‘how video games can save the world’
  • OPINION: When gaming and gambling collide – Paul Gardner from Wiggin LLP on loot boxes and the law
  • SQUARE ENIX: Yosuke Matsuda talks Tokyo RPG Factory and the globalised games market
  • REBELLION: There aren’t many UK developers still operating after 25 years, so what’s Rebellion’s secret?
  • 2018: We pick the top trends to dominate the coming year
  • DEVOLVER: If publishers were record labels, Devolver would be the coolest one around
  • ELDER SCROLLS ONLINE: After a rocky start ESO is doing well, proving that the MMO isn’t dead yet
  • PQUBE: The distributor turned indie publisher on its big 2017
  • DROPMIX: It’s card game like no other, we talk to Harmonix about its DJ party game
  • PLUS! Horizon Zero Dawn merchandise range, Call of Duty: WWII tops the monthly charts, HZD Complete Edition and Fallout 4 VR headline the big game releases of the week, and more

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