Star Citizen earned more in 2014 than all video game Kickstarters combined – report

Market intelligence services group Ico Partner’s Thomas Bidaux has published new data which shows Star Citizen’s funding outpaced all successful video game Kickstarters combined in 2014.

Gamasutra reports on Bidaux’s chart (posted below). It tallies nearly $33m earned by Star Citizen’s crowdfunding efforts last year, while Kickstarter projects combined for just over $20m during the period.

The trend has reversed thus far in 2015, with successful Kickstarter projects bringing in over $33m – compared to Star Citizen’s slowed, but still mind-boggling $21m total between January 1st and October 1st of this year.

In total, Kickstarter projects (excluding Star Citizen) have combined to earn $140m in funding from backers going back to 2012. Star Citizen itself has raised nearly $90m in that time – and you can add another $3.5m this month that’s currently unaccounted for, according to the game’s live stats page.

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