And, according to Tiga, the proposed measures will stimulate £457m in dev investment

Tax breaks â??will create 3500 new UK jobs by 2015â??

New measures to introduce game development tax breaks will give Britain 3,550 graduate-level jobs.

That’s according to Tiga, the game industry association which spearheaded the UK’s push for state tax aid.

Providing the next government follows Tiga’s guidelines, it is claimed that tax breaks will “create or save 3,550 graduate level jobs”, but also “increase and safeguard £457 million in new development expenditure that would be otherwise lost.”


Tiga says that tax relief will “encourage game developers to adopt new online, more sustainable business models and sell directly to the consumer.”

The association’s broad message is that the tax relief measures will “enhance the competitiveness of the UK video games industry” in regards to the wider global market.

“Our overseas competitors would no longer have a cost advantage against us,” the group states.

“Games Tax Relief should lead to increased investment, job creation, innovation, stimulate the development of new genres of games and ameliorate the brain drain of skilled staff to overseas studios.

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