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Tencent and Ziff Davis partner on IGN China

Starting today there’s an exciting  new partnership in east-west relations for the industry. Ziff Davis has teamed up with Tencent on a relaunched IGN China.

The idea is that Tencent’s huge influence and audience in the region, will combine with IGN’s huge global gaming and culture reach to create what should be a key conduit for western developers and publishers looking to reach a Chinese audience.

In addition, IGN China is hoping to give Chinese companies better access to a global audience through IGN’s network of sites around the globe, which reach 229m users monthly – with 28 international editions, in 25 languages and 112 countries.

“IGN China is editorially independent from Tencent group,” said IGN in a statement. Although it will still be intriguing to see what mix of stories and content reach the Chinese site and which do not. 

Adam Doree, Vice President, Global Partners at Ziff Davis, said: “We’re hugely excited about this partnership with Tencent, one of the most talked about companies in the world today and the ideal operator of the IGN business in China. IGN is one of very few foreign editorial media brands to officially operate in mainland China, addressing a local audience – now, this collaboration with Tencent will unlock IGN’s true potential in the largest international market.”

Charles Young, Chief Editor of IGN China, said: “As leaders in video games, entertainment, and technology, Tencent and IGN share a commitment to exploring the creativity, innovation, and artistry of this space. We are confident that our partnership will bring greater awareness of our worlds to help game lovers and creators.”

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