The Amiga is returning!

LA-based content distribution company” Writers’ Group Film Corp has acquired the retro computing Amiga licence.

It hopes to use the IP for a fresh range of retro games releases across consoles, PC, smartphones and tablets – or in corporate speech to create new revenue from publisher’s dormant game libraries”.

The $500,000 deal sees Writers’ Group obtain all Amiga Games stock and a games library of over 300 titles. The company says it will make further announcements regarding distribution arrangements over the coming weeks.

"We are pleased to be working with this well-managed game developer and distributor, and we are excited that we are participating in their growth story through this acquisition,” Writers’ Group chairman and CEO Eric Mitchell stated.

We believe Amiga Games has an established value proposition that can enhance both revenues and returns to our bottom line."

In 2010 Activision boss Bobby Kotick admitted that he regretted not acquiring Amiga when he had the chance in the late 1980s.

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