TmarTn’s CSGO lotto apology roundly criticised, then pulled

One of the YouTubers at the centre of the current CSGO gambling controversy has posted, and subsequently pulled, an apology for his deception.

In the video, a re-uploaded version of which can be seen below, Trevor ‘TmarTn’ Martin claims to be sorry for not making his relationship with CSGO Lotto clearer. That relationship, of course, was that he owned it. And by not making it clear, he means the fact he posted videos in which he claims to have happened upon the site and surprisingly won big.

Martin argues that his connection to the site has been a matter of public record since the company was first organised”. A matter of public record means that his name was clear to be seen for those who delved through company records. This appears to be his excuse for not openly disclosing his relationship in videos about the site.

The fact that the video is shot in his mansion-like house, with massive truck positioned outside the front door, has not endeared himself further to viewers.

He means someone could’ve searched for that public document, which is utter stupidity,” attorney Ryan Morrison told PC Gamer. Even if he wrote it in the text underneath his video as he’s gone back and done, that’s still not sufficient disclosure. He couldn’t be further away in terms of compliance.”

As to why the video was removed, Martin said simply on Twitter that he was disappointed in it”. That at least 75 people appear on the cusp of suing both Martin and CSGO Lotto’s co-owner Thomas ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell, and that the pair have sought legal representation from Watson LLP, is by far the most likely cause.

Further FTC penalties are looking likely at this stage, as is a criminal prosecution for the operation of a gambling site that on the face of it – and despite denials – seemed to target teenagers.

Added Morrison: I can’t say there’s going to be prosecution but I’ve said a couple times and I still very much believe that it’s as close to a sure thing as possible.”

Here’s the video:

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