Total War TV show Time Commanders is returning

Remember that game show where folk would wage war using a version of the Total War engine? It’s coming back.

The BBC has revealed that Time Commanders has been renewed for a new run. Creative Assembly’s Total War is seemingly back, too, what with the Total War Twitter account linking to the news.

The original series worked by pitching norms against the game, with history bods commenting on the action and the strategy, while providing an historical grounding for the depicted events. This time round the teams will also be facing off against one another, too.

Time Commanders, the popular historical military strategy series, where teams go head-to-head with some of the greatest generals from history, is back for a third series and we’re looking for teams of three to take part,” the blurb reads.

Are you an armchair general who could lead a team to victory? Do you have the tactics to outwit the strategic advances of the opposition to command an empire? In each show, two teams of three friends, family, or colleagues will take control of opposing ancient forces, facing our computer, pre-programmed by our historical experts, before they face off against each other in one of history’s biggest battles.”

One must wonder that if in these modern times teams of well practised gamers may stand a better chance than aged armchair historians?

Anyhow, we’ve got Robot Wars back, we’re getting Time Commanders – now we just need GamesMaster, Knightmare and Crystal Maze to complete the set. Then chuck the four of them on a separate channel on loop. Job done. Don’t bring Fightbox back, though. We’re up for a return of Pat Sharp’s Fun House, too. Providing he still has the mullet. Oh and Michaela Strachan in the Really Wild Show. Lovely Michaela. And Going Live. And Fraggle Rock. And…

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