Twitch changes T&Cs to clamp down on naked streaming

Streaming video service Twitch has amended its rules of conduct in an effort to stop its users streaming in the buff.

Nerds are sexy, and you’re all magnificent, beautiful creatures, but let’s try and keep this about the games, shall we?” the document now reads.

Wearing no clothing or sexually suggestive clothing – including lingerie, swimsuits, pasties, and undergarments – is prohibited, as well as any full nude torsos, which applies to both male and female broadcasters. You may have a great six-pack, but that’s better shared on the beach during a 2-on-2 volleyball game blasting ‘Playing with the Boys’.

If it’s unbearably hot where you are, and you happen to have your shirt off (guys) or a bikini top (grills), then just crop the webcam to your face. Problem solved.”

The alterations come as an increasing number of streamers video themselves in assorted states of undress, or position cameras to give a good view of proceedings, presumably in the hope that the additional titillation will win over a few additional viewers.

Twitch doesn’t want games themselves to focus on nudity, either, adding: Nudity can’t be a core focus or feature of the game in question, modded nudity is disallowed in its entirety, and occurrences in game are ok so long as you do not make them a primary focus of your stream and only spend as much time as needed in the area to progress the game’s story.”

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