Twitch is introducing video uploads

Streaming giant Twitch is to introduce YouTube-style video uploading.

CEO Emmett Shear confirmed the news during his TwitchCon 2015 keynote, along with a number of other new features.

With YouTube currently embarking on a big drive to pry some streaming market share from its rival, Twitch video uploads will potentially rob it of one of its key advantages. Twitch already offers the ability to archive streams but has never offered the chance to upload pre-recorded, non-streamed footage.

Also on the way is a full HTML5 video player, effectively calling time on its use of Flash, and customisable thumbnails for broadcasts and highlights.

There’s also a new standalone PlayStation Twitch app in development that will offer a more feature-rich suite of tools for PS4, PS3 and Vita players. It will include chat integration and allow users to watch footage being streamed from non-PlayStation platforms.

PS4 already offers Twitch broadcasting but does not currently have a dedicated app, unlike its rival the Xbox One.

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