Ubisoft announces Assassin’s Creed Origins partnership with Monster Energy

Ubisoft has announced a new partnership between its upcoming Assassin’s Creed Origins title and Monster Energy. Not only will more 500m Monster Energy drinks receive custom Assassin’s Creed Origins character designs, including protagonist Bayek, but the deal will also allow fans to access special in-game items and prizes.

Starting on October 1st, the partnership will include three different collector cans, each of which will come with a redeemable code for in-game resources such as iron, wood, animal skins or currency packs to help players progress through the game. Cans included in a special four-pack, however, will unlock unique weapons such as the so-called ‘Dust-Biter Sword, the ‘Face-Breaker’, the ‘Sceptre of Thaati’ and the ‘Rain Bow’.

As well as in-game content, prizes including games consoles, copies of the game itself and Monster Energy gaming fridges and exclusive Monster Energy apparel will also be up for grabs to all fans across the EMEA regions as part of the partnership.

Ubisoft’s partnership with Monster Energy isn’t the only collaboration event for Assassin’s Creed Origins, however, as it was also announced over Gamescom that the publisher would be teaming up with Square Enix for a special in-game event in Final Fantasy XV.

The Final Fantasy XV: Assassin’s Festival in-game event is now available to download for free from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Games Store, and will run until January 31st 2018. Here, Noctis and his friends can head to Lestallum to take part in a special festival honouring ‘a mythical hero who fought against the shackles of oppression,’ the statement reads.

The event will also see Noctis incorporating certain gameplay elements from Assassin’s Creed, such as aerial assassinations, a more acrobatic style of movement and large-scale treasure hunts.

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