Games industry relief structure expected to be detailed Autumn Statement. What do you want?

UK Chancellor to detail tax breaks this Wednesday

Final details on how UK games industry tax relief will work are expected to be only days away.

UK Chancellor George Osborne is this Wednesday set to make his 2012 Autumn Statement, where he will update the nation on Government’s plans for the economy, and offer insight into the progress of initiatives introduced as part of the Budget Address made back in March this year.

That Budget Address confirmed the fact that UK games developers were likely to be able to take advantage of Tax Breaks, and now, after a period of consultation with the industry via organisations like Tiga and UKIE, Government is expected to be ready to confirm the details of precisely what relief will be available and how elements like the ‘cultural test’ will work.

The proposed tax breaks would come into effect as part of the 2013 Budget, but Wednesday’s statement should offer detail on what kinds of studios, games and other companies will benefit, and how they will be supported by Government in making games.

And we want your input. What are you expecting? Can the Tax Break’s really help us? Let us know in the comments below, or by getting in touch with the author of this story? We’ll use you input in a round-up and analysis on Wednesday itself. And, of course, if you want to provide comment immediately after the statement, we can consider you input as we report on the industry’s reaction.

And if you need a reminder of the exact details of the entire story of the UK games industry’s quest to secure tax breaks, be sure to check our essential guide; it’s a perfect primer for Wednesday’s news.

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