UKIE and PEGI defend age ratings amidst ‘tabloid sensationalism’

UK trade body UKIE and age ratings firm PEGI has rejected criticism that it’s not doing enough to prevent children getting its hands on adult video games.

Last week, the PEGI age ratings system came under scrutiny after videos showing children younger than 18 receiving GTA V appeared on YouTube. Mainstream media, including the BBC, suggested that parents were unaware of the content they were buying for their children.

The industry organises campaigns on a regular basis to inform as many consumers as possible,” said PEGI’s Dirk Bosmans. Every single bit of marketing should carry a PEGI label. So each time the game is marketed on the side of a bus, on TV, or in magazines, you will see the PEGI label.

Parents who take a sincere interest in what their kids are playing will have found out about PEGI ratings. We cannot force them to do that. Ironically, the only ones not inclined to share information about PEGI, are the tabloids. Lots of sensationalist stories and pointing fingers, but hardly a paragraph on age ratings and the responsibility that parents carry as well.”

UKIE CEO Jo Twist added: The games industry takes the health and wellbeing of players very seriously. We’re always looking at new ways to raise awareness of PEGI, for example we have an askaboutgames stand at this year’s Eurogamer Expo.”

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