UKIE launch video WATCH IT HERE

UK video games trade body UKIE, formerly known as ELSPA, was finally ushered into life last night – and you can watch the video showed at its launch event right here.

I’m delighted that ELSPA is morphing into UKIE,” minister for the Department for Culture, Media & Sport Ed Vaizey stated. Not only is the acronym a hell of a lot easier to understand but also it reflects the way that gaming is going at the moment so it’s great news.

Rather than trying to resist the change the games industry is embracing change by getting ahead of the curve rather than being behind it. I’m a passionate supporter of the industry for those reasons. I think that they very much represent the future which is why I want as much as I can as a government industry to support them.

And my job will be a lot easier by having a strong trade association that understands that and is also ahead of the curve. I’m very excited about the news of this new development.”

Other speakers in the video include Jim Gamble (chief executive, Child Exploitation Protection Centre), Keith Ramsdale (VP Northern Europe, EA), Rod Cousens (CEO, Codemasters), Ian Livingstone (life president, Eidos), David Yarnton (gerneral manager, Nintendo UK), Miles Jacobson (studio director, Sports Interactive) and Kate O’Connor (executive director, Skillset).

You can watch the video below:

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