Talent, access to markets, data security and EU funding are all specifically highlighted in Ukie's post.

Ukie responds to the triggering of Article 50

Article 50 has been triggered today, marking the starting point for two years of negotiations with the EU about which form a post-EU Britain will look like.

It’s been nine months since the referendum, and at least trade body Ukie has done their homework and investigated what severing our ties with the European Union could do to the UK’s growing games industry, releasing a statement on the growing areas of concern in the future negotiations.

"We are looking forward to working with the Government to help inform what “Brexit” really means and to shape a favourable post-EU landscape for our world-leading games and interactive entertainment businesses," said Ukie, in a statement on their website.

Ukie plan to use the State of Play report on Brexit that was published at the start of the month to inform the government during the negotiations, highlighting the key areas of concern for the interactive entertainment industry.

Talent, access to markets, data security and EU funding are all specifically highlighted in Ukie’s post.

Dr Jo Twist, CEO of Ukie, said in a statement this morning: “The Triggering of Article 50 signals the beginning of the end of the uncertainty we’ve all been facing since the Referendum last June. Ukie will continue to work with government across departments to ensure the industry’s needs are met, particularly around global talent, data and investment in homegrown innovation and creativity. We are a global sector exporting across the world and we must remain competitive. Article 50 is triggered on the eve on London Games Festival, a 10-day celebration of the huge cultural and economic contributions of games and interactive entertainment in the UK, which will directly encourage investment and jobs into our sector. We’re already showing the world that we are a leading global creative economy, and we will remain so outside of the EU.”

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