VIDEO: Milo demoed at TED

Microsoft has offered a fresh look at exactly how Lionhead’s unique Kinect demo has progressed.

It’s the first time we’ve had chance to look at a real gameplay demonstration of the title since its dramatic unveiling at last year’s E3.

A year ago I showed this off at a computer show called E3 and there was a huge row online about this not being real,” Molyneux told a crowd at the TED conference.

So I waited until now to have an actual demo of the tech. It incorporates three big elements. The first is a Kinect camera, some incredible AI hidden in the vaults at Microsoft plus some quite crude attempts at AI at a company called Lionhead.

I’ll be honest – most of it is just a trick. But it’s a trick that works.

We had to give Milo a problem. When we first created him we realised he came across as a bit of a brat to be honest with you. So the problem we introduced was this – he’s just moved house from London to New England over in America. His parents are too busy to listen to his problems and that’s when he starts almost conjuring you up.”

Question marks still remains over whether the game will ever see a release, though surely the hunger for the title means that it must happen at some stage. Peter Molyneux also recently admitted that he was wary of developing a title whose focus is the relationship between the player and a young boy.

You can watch the video below:

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