VIDEO: One of the reasons we love Phil Harrison

The core games industry has this afternoon welcomed one of our most beloved sons back into the fold.

News that former PlayStation head Phil Harrison has returned broke just minutes ago. That he’s returned to take up Peter Molyneux’s former role as Microsoft Studios Europe boss was somewhat of a surprise.

But why should you care about the news? Simple – because Phil is great. As is Peter, of course. Both men are tall but, unless we’re mistaken, Phil is a bit taller.

Molyneux does great things, like say things he shouldn’t and make games about grooming kids. But Phil does awesome stuff – check out this time he told the DICE 2007 that he’d been playing LocoRoco 2… before the game had been announced.

Look out for our upcoming interview with the man where he’ll tell us all about the E3 2012 Next Xbox reveal. Probably.

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