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Whether it’s the banning of Rockstar’s Manhunt 2, the requested editing of Codemasters’ Clive Barker’s Jericho, the hot coffee scandal that recently enveloped Grand Theft Auto or the recently announced government investigation into the issue, violence in games has never been a bigger issue than it is now.

As part of this ongoing debate, MCV’s Violence in Games Special investigates some of the factors surrounding the debate.

Firstly, MCV spoke to child psychologist Dr Amanda Gummer about the polarisation of the debate, and the reality that everyone is different. Gummer told MCV: I would argue that there are some children who could play the most violent games without experiencing any increase in aggression, whereas there are others who will be violent regardless of the type of games they play.”

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MCV also asked members of parenting forum what their worries were about violence in gaming. One mother told us: I have always been strict with my boys PS2 games but many of their friends have games like Grand Theft Auto which is an ‘18′ and has violence and I believe rape in it!”

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