Which console is dominating festive ad space in 2015?

Generation Media account executive Joseph Phelan takes a look at which games are pulling ahead in the race for Q4 TV advertising presence

Q4 is at the halfway point and the plethora of triple-A titles is not easing up as Christmas fast approaches.

Generation Media has looked at the Top 10 titles, in terms of TV ad pressure, of the quarter so far to investigate which platform holder has seen the bigger console support in their TV campaigns.

Sony and Microsoft are no strangers to being more than equipped with stellar first-party exclusives and 2015 is no different.

Halo 5 and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection have and will bring in both fans and newcomers to the franchises to each console.

However, it is often the case that games published by the likes of Activision, Bethesda and 2K can provide a tipping point to any potential gamer’s final purchasing decision. As a result, the beginning and end tagging of a TV creative offer valuable real estate for console promotion.

The question is: out of Microsoft and Sony, who has the early stranglehold on third-party titles?

Sony is dominating in that respect, delivering a total of 760 individual TV viewer ratings (TVRs) across the total 1,223 in October and early November.

Even in campaigns that advertise with cross-platform support, PS4 gains a narrow advantage over its counterpart, with the firm’s product being placed in front of Xbox.

"Fallout 4 is the only Xbox campaign to hold 100 per cent TV ad campaign support this quarter."

Joseph Phelan, Generation Media

Fallout 4 has bucked the trend of Sony support this quarter. The game sits top of the table and is the only Xbox campaign to hold 100 per cent support.

In spite of this, Sony’s association with Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed and Destiny has seen it achieve a 62 per cent share of voice. Star Wars Battlefront’s release is likely to increase this percentage even more.

Lauren Bradley, group marketing manager for PlayStation, recently told MCV she believes shooter fans are moving to PS4.

The number of big shooters released at the end of each year is well documented and Microsoft’s strong focus on pushing Halo 5 is likely to have had an impact on their Q4 TVR delivery.

Halo has already delivered 254 TVRs in 2015, with 25 per cent of individuals having seen the campaign four times or more.

With such emphasis placed on first-party from Xbox, it is easy to understand why Activision and the like have signed with PS4 to generate hype for their blockbusters.

While year-on-year TVR delivery of console-specific support campaigns has fallen by 59 per cent, Sony has reduced the deficit between Microsoft and itself to 10 per cent.

Many may argue the quality of Sony’s roster has attributed to its status as this generation’s king, while the association with upcoming IPs has given the crown a polish.

Heavy campaign weighting, dominant tagging and solid third-party support might convince Christmas gamers to part with the A button and get with the X button more than ever before.

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