YouTube blocks Samsung’s copyright claim on exploding Note 7 GTA mod video

After Samsung filed a copyright claim on a video showcasing the GTA V mod where bombs are replaced with Note 7 phones, YouTube basically told them to get stuffed.

Yesterday Samsung filed a copyright notice on this video, which shows a GTA V mod that replaces the games sticky bomb model with a model of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phone. This was of course all a big joke centered around the fact that the real Note 7 phone is likely to explode for no good reason, forcing Samsung to recall every last one.

The video was taken down from YouTube, despite many others also showing the mod, and the fact that there was no copyright infringements in the video.

Today news broke that YouTube denied Samsung’s copyright claim, meaning the video has been reinstated on YouTube.

All these new sites reporting but still no email response from Samsung but YouTube put it back up!!!” said the video’s creator.

At the time of writing the video has 1,309,865 views, making it a huge success for the creators and another massive PR disaster for Samsung. The clear lesson of the day is: don’t go making invalid copyright claims against things you just don’t want people to see, as it will draw more attention to it.

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