Mega Bloks grabs Destiny license too

Mattel-owned Mega Bloks has grabbed itself another gaming license – Activision’s Destiny.

Last week it was reported that a new range of Halo Mega Bloks was on the way as part of a larger deal with Microsoft. Not it has been revealed that Destiny toys are also on the way in 2016.

Pictured products so far include a Jumpship and Sparrow, as well as a Hunter.

With an epic mythos, an incredibly detailed universe, and characters that just make you want to jump into the action, Destiny has created a rich world of planet-hopping adventure where players can choose their own path, and become legend,” the toy firm said.

Now, that world is coming to life in a whole new way with the launch of our new line of Destiny Mega Bloks construction sets in 2016!

From our most detailed micro action figure yet, to iconic new vehicles and scenes taken straight from the game, gamers and construction fans alike will be able to build their own vision of Destiny’s legendary universe — making the game come alive through construction for the first time ever.

It’s a bold new way to experience one of the biggest games of our generation, and we couldn’t be prouder in joining Destiny as we roll out this amazing new line later this year. So get ready to leap into the action with us, and build your legend.”

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