Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima unveils Death Stranding

Konami veteran Hideo Kojima offered a glimpse at his new project during PlayStation’s conference at E3 last night.

Death Stranding will be launched via a partnership with Sony that Kojima announced last December. But the release date was not revealed, nor the platforms on which the title will be available – although it will certainly be a PS4 exclusive.

The title’s main character features the likeness of Norman Reedus (pictured) of The Walking Dead fame. Reedus and Kojima have actually worked before on PT, the survival horror demo that was meant to be leading into the now-cancelled Silent Hills. The title was axed as part of a falling out between Kojima and publisher Konami.

Death Stranding’s story remains pretty mysterious, but you can see the first – admittedly pretty surreal – trailer below:

PlayStation’s conference was alsofull of software announcements, from God of War to Resident Evil.

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