Metal Gear Online DLC adds horse armour and cleavage

Yesterday’s arrival of Metal Gear Solid Online has also marked the arrival of a number of premium DLC costumes.

As is the Metal Gear way, it seems, the content has of course managed to stir up a little controversy.

First up, included among the first premium costume offerings are two pieces of horse armour. Horse armour, of course, became ‘a thing’ back in 2009 when Bethesda pioneered the premium DLC trail by offering equine adornments for a little under 2. At the time this was seen as being pretty steep for something that just made your horse look different.

Premium costume DLC is pretty much the norm nowadays, of course, although horse armour arguably remains the one area that all things considered should probably just be avoided.

Also available to purchase is a jumpsuit for Eva. As you can see in the picture above, it sadly leaves her liable to catch a chill. Which would in a real combat situation be considered a design error were it not for the fact that it’s all so horribly deliberate.

"Jumpsuit that the female spy EVA wore during Operation Snake Eater,” the description reads. The chest area can be unzipped for a tactical advantage. *For female staff only."

A tactical advantage. Right.

We all know precisely why Kojima and co have designed the costume in this way. It’s for the same reason why Play Arts’ official Quiet statue had malleableboobs. And because, let’s face it, it’s liable to sell plenty.

Metal Gear Solid V also kicked off a DLC storm yesterday when it was revealed that Konami is selling insurance for the game’s FOB mode. Which went down a treat.

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