Metal Gear Solid Natal incoming?

UPDATE: Sorry folks, this one has turned out to be a hoax. Don’t be too disappointed – we did put a question mark in the headline!

ORIGINAL: Microsoft will announce a brand new Metal Gear Solid title designed for its motion camera Natal at this year’s E3.

That’s the latest prediction from the mysterious ‘Surfer Girl’ – an anonymous online insider as spotted by VG247. She also claims to have word on Microsoft’s still unconfirmed but widely expected Xbox 360 Slim redesign.

Microsoft will reveal a slim 360 natal bundle at one of their two press conferences at this year’s E3,” she wrote on her blog.

What’s more the 360 will be getting a subtle rebrand, with a new logo and black as the new primary colour of the console. They feel that the new system needs to be black because a white Natal wouldn’t sit well next to the typical gloss black TV.

And Natal? Let’s just say you’ll probably be both very surprised and very pleased by one of the games revealed… what is it? Might Get Shot if I were to tell.”

A second post then adds: I wonder how Metal Gear Touch would work with no touch screen?”

Whether this points to Natal support for the already confirmed Metal Gear Solid Rising or instead to a brand new title in the series remains to be seen.

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