Metalab has announced ME Campus, a school for citizens of the metaverse

Metalab (a subsidiary of the Brave Group) has announced the opening of their first school in the metaverse.

The online ME Campus will open in April 2023, and is designed to be “a metaverse space where students can learn specialised skills of their choosing”. The skills on offer when the VR software launches will largely be metaverse-related, but alongside those, students that enrol with affiliated schools can also use the software to earn an accredited high school diploma. 

At present, the only affiliated Correspondence High School taking part is Shouin High School in Japan, and they have suggested that they may require students to take on additional tuition and pay extra fees. 

Metalab believes that “a different approach to education has become necessary”, and says that with their new software, students can “learn practical skills with video lessons and real assignments”, while also using their avatars to experience “a real-school environment” during either one year courses or more extensive and properly accredited three-year programs. It all sounds a bit like a digital community college, or studying at The Open University, but in virtual reality.

The school will also offer “mentor based learning support” and “special classes”, promising that notable figures in many fields will be getting involved – but no specifics on those have been confirmed yet.

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