Metallica: Video games are f*cking way cool

Rock band Metallica have called video games – particularly Guitar Hero – f*cking way cool” – and said that the medium offers many positive things” to young people.

In an interview with US music bible Rolling Stone, drummer Lars Ulrich added that Guitar Hero has allowed him to connect with his own offspring about music.

When asked ‘You signed a lot of Guitar Hero controllers. Is that cool?’, he said:

It’s fucking way cool. Our kids love playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It’s awesome. There’s something really positive coming out of video games.

"It’s so cool to sit there and have your kids talk to you about Deep Purple and Black Sabbath and Soundgarden.”

Perhaps the positive quotes are a little more calculated than first impressions would have you believe, however: rumours abound that Metallica will release their next single through Rock Band.

That would be following the example of Motley Crue, who have released their new single ‘Saints of Los Angeles’ on Xbox Live and PSN Store.

1980s rock gods Def Leppard will follow suit tomorrow, when it releases new single ‘Nine Lives’ as part of a GHIII song pack on Xbox Live.

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