Metroid boasts big marketing assault

The Metroid franchise makes a dramatic return next month and is backed by a substantial marketing spend.

Nintendo is preparing extensive promotions to ensure the upcoming Wii title Metroid: Other M matches
the success of its acclaimed predecessors when it hits shelves on September 3rd.

The build-up to the game’s launch will begin with a high-impact TV campaign.

This kicks off two weeks before Other M’s release and will run for a full month across a range of terrestrial and satellite channels.

A complementary online campaign will coincide with the TV activity, with various banners and other rich media ads running across selected gaming destinations.

These marketing initiatives will also appear on carefully targeted sci-fi sites in order to spread the game’s appeal among a relevant audience and drive wider awareness of Other M’s arrival.

Samus will even appear on the silver screen, with trailers for her latest outing showing before blockbuster action movies throughout September. These will run in cinemas across the nation.

Finally, a range of eye-catching POS materials will be available around the time of the game’s release.

Metroid: Other M marks a new direction for the series, thanks to its blend of third-person and first-person gameplay and developer Team Ninja’s stronger focus on narrative.

It is the first title in a range of strong end-of-year releases from Nintendo, preceding the likes of the latest Professor Layton, Wii Party and Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Metroid: Other M caters to fans of the Metroid series as well as being an ideal entry point for newcomers,” said Nintendo’s marketing assistant Roger Langford.

The unique gameplay mechanic offers a new and exciting experience for everyone, and the game gives players the first truly in-depth look into the lead character Samus Aran.”

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