Microsoft bringing original Xbox titles to Live


reports that Official Xbox Magazine has learned that the leading feature of Microsoft’s anticipated Autumn Xbox 360 firmware update will be the ability for gamers to download original Xbox titles through the firm’s Xbox Live Arcade service.

Going live on December 4th, the new service will launch with Bungie’s classic FPS Halo, which will cost 1200 Microsoft points to download – the same as the most expensive Live Arcade titles, but great value when compared to the likes of Bankshot Billiards, which costs the same.

Microsoft has a number of titles lined up for download, including Fable, Farenheit and Burnout 3, and in time hopes to bring much of the Xbox back-catalogue to the service.

OXM also reports that whilst no date has been put on the European arrival of Microsoft’s film-on-demand service, the cogs are turning with studios such as Warner Bros in close discussions with Microsoft.

Films will reportedly cost less than 5 and will all come at a hi-def resolution of 720p. Consumers will have 14 days to watch any film once it is downloaded before its licence expires.

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