Microsoft clamps down in "Xbox roadmap" leak

It’s often hard to distinguish between fact and faction. But luckily sometimes companies make it far easier for us to tell.

Remember the leaked” Xbox 720 roadmap document that emerged online at the weekend? Even MCV treated it with a pinch of salt. Well, it now looks more or less certain that its contents was very real.

VG247 reports that Microsoft has moved on two websites hosting the document and threatened them with legal proceedings unless it is removed. One, the site that broke the story Scribd, says it was asked to remove it by legal firm Covington & Burling LLP. A second, Czech tech portal, says it was contacted directly by Microsoft.

VG247 even reckons that Microsoft are said to have claimed ownership of the document”, confirming its authenticity.

Details revealed by the leak include:

– A $299 hardware release in 2013

– A Kinect successor with better accuracy and four-player tracking

– Augmented reality and 3D glasses codenamed ‘Fortaleza’ for Kinect and motion gaming

– Talk of extra motion sensors in the home for gaming

– ‘Three screen’ experiences just like those shown at its E3 SmartGlass premiere earlier this month

– More options for hardware OEM manufacture, reducing platform costs for Microsoft

– An eventual transition to total cloud storage/streaming for Xbox content – but importantly with devices in the home needed to access that content

– More relationships with TV operators and content firms

More details can be found in the original story.

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