Microsoft considering Wii-style controller?

Euro Xbox boss Chris Lewis has revealed that Microsoft has looked ‘very closely’ at Wii-style controller-based gaming – and that a karaoke title could be introduced ‘at the right time’.

As Microsoft gears up for Xbox 360’s second Christmas, it is increasingly looking to widen the console’s appeal out to the masses – a tactic that has seen Nintendo achieve spectacular results with Wii and DS.

Scene It! is one step of several I know we will take – the absolute plan right from the outset is to broaden our appeal in this way in line with the second and third holiday periods,” Lewis told MCV. I think there will be something in the karaoke space at the right time.”

And while the Xbox exec couldn’t confirm the existence of a Wii-style project, he did reveal that Microsoft has looked into such a move.

We look at everything, and as you would expect we have looked very closely at that peripheral-based or controller based side of the business and what, if anything, we should be doing there. We look at all the options.”

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