Microsoft emphasises new IP quality, not quantity

With its 2012 release state still mostly under wraps, Microsoft has said that it is focusing on the quality of possible new IPs as opposed to the quantity.

"I do think that it’s [about] quality and impact, not number of releases in a year," corporate VP of Microsoft Game Studios Phil Spencer told GameInformer magazine, as reported by GameZone.

"Creating core IP, as many first-and third-parties have seen over the years, isn’t an easy thing. I went through the process of creating Gears with Epic and I know the sweat, time, and effort hat went into it.

"I also worked on things likeAlan Wake, Too Human, Crackdown,and stuff that didn’t hit the same level of success, but had an equal amount of sweat equity and heart go into getting created."

Spencer also suggested that consumers should be prepared for some exciting news in the near future.

"It will continue to be something that we focus on with new partners like Crytek and new people that aren’t announced yet,” he added.We do think that it’s fundamental that core gamers look at 360 as the place they want to play games."

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