MICROSOFT: Gear of Wars 4 revealed alongside Ultimate Edition of first game

Gears of War is getting somewhat of a rebrand for its latest instalment.

Simply titled ‘Gears 4’, the new title concluded Microsoft’s E3 press conference with a sneak peek at its gameplay.

The lengthy gameplay trailer showed off Gears’ mix of cover-based shooting, brutal melee and what appears to be a co-operative mode, with an AI companion possible serving as a surrogate for a potential human player, as with previous Gears games.

The title is being developed by newcomers The Coalition, after Microsoft purchased the IP from series creator Epic Games.

It’s set for release in Holiday 2016.

To help fans pass the time before that game’s launch, the first Gears of War title – originally launched on Xbox 360 – is being remastered as Gears of War Ultimate Edition for Xbox One.

Due out August 25th, the new version will boast a 1080p HD resolution, new content, 60 frames-per-second performance and multiplayer.

A free public beta for the game’s multiplayer will run for one week, beginning today.

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