Microsoft "has come full circle" on indies, InXile boss claims

The CEO of indie developer InXile has claimed that Microsoft has completely reversed its approach to indies on Xbox One in the space of just 90 days.

Microsoft last month reversed its policy on Xbox One indie games by deciding it would allow independent developers to self-publish digital titles on the console.

It’s been happening, and I’ve heard from Microsoft,” Brian Fargo told [a]listdaily. I used to want to publish directly on the Xbox, and it was ‘OK, how many retail SKUs are you going to put out?’ I always felt there was there this huge disconnect – why do I have to put products on a retail shelf in order to be on XBLA?

[Now] you’re hearing Microsoft reaching out, they’re saying ‘Hey, we want you on the machine,’ they’re making the calls. You can use the hardware as a development kit, making it more accessible, because indies can’t afford to buy [development kits].

It used to be that if you shipped on Sony first you could never be on the Xbox. Now they’re like ‘Well, we’re flexible, maybe there’s features…’ There’s a different dialog there.

They’ve come full circle in a matter of ninety days on every part of it, including the ability to be on the platform at all.”

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